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Summary Holkema Family

The ancestors of the Hol(c)kema family were knights living up in the in north-west part of Friesland. Nowadays the isles Texel and Vlieland are in this area. Earlier this part was land and a delta of the river "IJssel". According to historical documents ,in 1200,the Holkema family were owners of great estates in this part of Friesland. The Holkema's digged ,like other estate-owners, canals for drainage throughout the dunes. Caused by a big storm, the water of the North Sea flooded the estates of the Holkema family. A great part of the estate was gone the isles Texel and Vlieland came into being. The Holkema family owned two castles in Friesland; one castle in the area now called Vlieland. In the year 1268 this castle was plundered and destroyed. And another castle in the village of "Midlum", this castle disappeared in the 18th century. In the early days the spelling of surnames was not that important. The Holkema, Holckema, Holckama and Holcama are the same family.
The Holkema family is traceable until the year 1200 (Vrieslandt Chronicle). The arms of the Holkema family exists on the left part by half of an black eagle. The right part of the arms consists of two parts: the upper part is a like the letter "A", but this is an ancient Germanic sign; the lower part is a picture of an acorn on a blue background.
Arms of the Holkema family
The Holkema family is is traceable in ancient history because of the Germanic sign in the arms. This Germanic sign was the precursor of the arms of the Holkema family.
Own brand of the Holkema family
This own brand is from before year counting and used by families or a individual person. It was an easy to draw sign which could be used on official papers and owned properties for people who could not write; but also used on grave stones. The own brand was inherited from father to son.Lot's of times with a slight change like an extra line. It was in common use by Frisian people. Probably with it's origin in the rune signs The arms are designed in the time that Napoleon was ruling the waves in Holland and a great part of Europe. The half of the black eagle in the arms gave the owners of the arms some privileges like easier passing of borders. All origin Frisian families were allowed (by Napoleon) to have that eagle in their arms. The origin of the black eagle lies in the old German holy roman empire (double black eagle). The acorn on the blue background means that the Holkema family owned forests on sandy aeries with lot's of water.

Genealogy of the Holkema family

You can find the Holkema family tree by clicking on this link A son of Pieter Fransen Holkema named Frans Pieter Holkema became a priest by studying with the help of the
Dr. Douwe Tietema scholarship.

Official website about
Dr. Douwe Tietema scholarship.

Another famous member of the Holkema family is
Gysbert Japicx Hol(c)kema (1603-1666)
a well known Frisian poet born in the village of Bolsward (Friesland) and of course bookshop ""Scheltema Holkema Vermeulen"" and publisher ""Holkema & Warendorf""